Fashion Emporium

Last weekend was the Fashion Trade Show and Emporium of Blueprint Singapore which I talked about in a previous post.  We had a wander around the exhibits on the Sunday morning which was the day for the public to visit and buy what was on display. Here are some photos:

Blueprint Singapore

The Booths

There was a good selection of Jewellery Designers there with some amazing products and great ideas for displays (pinched a few ideas for future stalls!).  Collected lots of business cards and brochures for inspiration.

Blueprint singapore

More booths!

As you can see it was fairly quiet, I think most people were still in bed!

Blueprint singapore

blueprint singapore



4 thoughts on “Fashion Emporium

  1. georgiapdesigns says:

    I would love to see what display ideas you pinched, I’m always struggling and changing the way I display my things. My usual problem is I have too much to sell and I want to show it all, I can never guage what should be out or left in the box! Lx

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      I know, I’m the same. These guys seemed to have a lot of stock out as well but it was displayed on different levels which made a huge difference. Also lots of natural elements like wooden blocks and slats and a personal favourite, driftwood. Hope this helps!

    • georgiapdesigns says:

      I love driftwood too. I have a couple of pieces that I use sometimes, I love using anything thats natural. It’s the different levels thing I need to get the hang off, mine always looks untidy! Lx

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