Scenes from my evening walk…

Old Singapore House

Overgrown House – very mysterious

Chinese symbol gate

Gate to the above house –
Think this one is Double Happiness
can you spot the dog?

Papaya Tree

Papaya Tree

Banyan Tree Singapore

Banyan Tree
(a type of fig)

Banyan Tree Singapore

Aerial ‘Prop’ Roots

Rows of pots in a school garden

Birds nest fern

Huge Bird’s Nest Fern
these usually grow in trees hence the name

and inside the fern..

Wonderful Heliconia Pendula

can’t resist another one!

This is another Heliconia
AKA False Bird-of-Paradise

Coral Hibiscus or ‘Japanese Lantern’
so delicate…

A rather imposing house!

Singapore Black and white house

A typical Singapore Black & White Bungalow on stilts

A potted Bougainvillea
note the baby bird’s nest fern?

I started walking in January this year and go about four to five times a week.  I love walking around the neighbourhood with all these gorgeous plants and trees, as well as keeping me fit I am also uplifted by the time I get home.

For more information on the Black & White Houses, take a look at Remembersingapore,  a WordPress site I have just discovered!


11 thoughts on “Scenes from my evening walk…

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      The plants and trees are amazing, it’s nicknamed ‘The Garden City’ and it really is green for a big city! Makes living here more bearable for us ‘country girl’ types.. 🙂

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Thanks Linda, it’s a lovely walk even though it’s just around the neigbourhood. You can imagine what the Botanical Gardens is like here, fantastic, will post some photos at a future date!

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