Xiao Long Bao

My daughter and I had an opportunity to go out for lunch last week so when I questioned her on where she would like to go, she chose the Lao Beijing Restaurant at our local shopping mall.  How pleased I was that she chose this over a fast food joint!

Inside the Restaurant

It was fairly quiet as we went after the lunchtime rush hour.  The main reason for coming here was for the Xiao Long Bao (steamed pork buns) which are more normally associated with Shanghai than Beijing (I first had them in Shanghai – exquisite, although these are the best I’ve tasted in Singapore).

Yes, we ordered 8 between two of us!

They are filled with a juice around the pork and so you have to be very careful when lifting them out of the bamboo basket, they are prone to splitting and loosing the wonderful liquid. The only way I know to eat them is to bite the top off, then suck the juice out first, this looks lovely of course and the photo of me eating them was deleted without further ado.  They are then dipped in Chinkiang Vinegar with slivers of ginger in it and finished off in one go.

About 5 minutes later ….

We also ate steamed kai lan with garlic (green veg) and a Yang Zhou Fried Rice. Yes we like to eat!

Xiao Long Bau pronounced: Jur long bow (rhymes with cow)


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