A Family Favourite

I have been making these chicken nuggets for around fourteen years, since my oldest was a toddler, and they are still a family favourite.  All children like Nuggets but most of us aren’t very happy about what goes into them, both at fast food places and frozen from the supermarket.  These are a healthy version, loved by adults too (call them goujons if you want to be posh, but mine never look posh)!

The original recipe was from Annabel Karmel’s Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner book and I don’t know the exact measurements, just look at the photos to get a rough guide!  As you can see from the shadows, the sun was shining straight through the kitchen window, it was about 38degrees in my kitchen!

Preparing the ingredients

Bowl 1: Plain flour seasoned with Black Pepper (salt if you wish)

Bowl 2: A whisked egg

Bowl 3: Breadcrumbs with ground almond, chopped fresh parsley (or any herb you wish), sesame seeds, any other ground nuts or wheatgerm (basically anything you have which can be mixed in)

Chicken ready for Sauteing

Cut chicken fillet or chicken breast into strips or nuggets and coat with the flour, then dip in the egg and finally roll in the breadcrumb mix to coat evenly.

Shallow Frying the Nuggets

Fry in vegetable or olive oil on both sides, this doesn’t take long and keep an eye on it, they can brown very fast….

Drain on Kitchen Paper

… and then drain well on a kitchen paper towel.

Tuck In!

Serve with salad or wraps or beans, anything you like. Enjoy!

I couldn’t find the exact recipe on Annabel Karmels Website, but you can take a look at the other recipes on it, it looks fun.  Shame she’s not moving on to Teenager’s food requirements, could do with some advice!


3 thoughts on “A Family Favourite

  1. The Crafty Network says:

    These look fab Cath, very tasty! I watched a tv program a bit ago by The Hairy Bikers and they suggested you double dip (ie. after the first coating of breadcrumbs, dip in the egg again and then breadcrumbs again) makes them extra crispy when you fry them! I’ve not tried it yet though. Linda x

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Thanks Linda, will give it go and see if they are right (I love watching the Hairy Bikers)! I make my own breadcrumbs from the crusts that nobody wants to eat. I save them up in the freezer, when I’ve collected enough I lay them out to go a bit stale, then blitz them in the processor. So it’s basically free breadcrumbs as otherwise the crusts would go in the bin (they are very thinly cut here, not worth toasting) so I can afford to ‘double dip’!

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