Short and Sparkly

This necklace is a pretty summer piece that would be great for a special occasion such as a wedding or christening, as it has a bit of sparkle in it.  The length is fairly short so would match well with a shift dress or round necked top.

Coral Shell & Glass Necklace Singapore

sorry, this item is no longer available

The sparkle (which is not picked up well on the top two photos) comes from the light reflecting on the faceted glass beads, so it is a muted ‘sparkle’!

coral and shell necklace etsy

The beads featured are grey glass foil beads, coral coloured shell beads, faceted glass beads in blush pink and ash grey and sandy glass beads.

coral shell necklace

The necklace is also a good choice for work as it doesn’t dangle over the desk or computer!  I noticed that the majority of my necklaces are longer length so will be concentrating on making shorter ones in the future so all necklines are covered.



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