A Spanish Omelette

When my husband has been travelling, especially to the sub-continent, all he wants when he gets home is something plain, filling and non-spicy!  I have been making tortilla’s for many years now, since leaving Andalucia where we used to eat them regularly whilst out and about.  They are great when you don’t have many ingredients to work with and need a filling lunch.

Ingredients for Spanish OmeletteBasic ingredients:

  • five eggs, (beaten loosely to allow white and yolk to remain separate)
  • one potato
  • one onion
  • olive oil
  • black pepper & salt (optional)

Slice potatoes and dry

Slice the potato fairly thinly and dry on paper towels.  Put one to two tablespoons of olive oil in a small frying pan. Add the potato and thinly sliced onion and cook on a very low heat, turning occasionally so it doesn’t brown.  This may take some time and you may need to remove the pan and cover to let it ‘cook’ in the steam.

onions & potato in pan

Once the potato and onion is translucent, add them to the egg mixture (to which you have added the black pepper & salt if using) and then pour it back into the frying pan, spreading the slices out so that the mixture is even.

egg, potato and onion mix

Cook on a very low heat, occasionally ‘pulling away’ the edge to allow the wet mixture to travel down to the bottom of pan to cook.  Again, you may have to remove pan from heat and cover for a while to avoid the bottom burning!

tortilla in pan

Once you are happy that the top of the omelette is not too runny, place a plate over the pan, flip the whole thing over, holding the plate carefully against the pan (I couldn’t do this and take a photo unfortunately!) and then slide the omelette back into the pan to finish browning the other side.  This shouldn’t take long and I usually turn the gas off and let it firm up with the leftover heat.

tortilla sandwich and coffee

Serve in a ciabatta style roll with a cup of coffee – perfect!


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