I love book fairs!


Earlier this week I went down to the Bras Basah Complex in Singapore, a place I frequently visit when I go to the National Library (it’s right next door).  Here they have many book shops, second-hand and new, and various art supply shops, printers and galleries.

View of the book fairThis week they were holding a book fair where all the shops from the building set up stalls and sell their books at discounted prices.  Yippee!  The cost of books in Singapore is outrageous so any discount is much appreciated.

Books in Singapore

book fair singaporeThankfully it was quiet so there was no pushing or shoving and I managed to buy some books which sum me up perfectly:

The three books I bought


4 thoughts on “I love book fairs!

  1. the eternal traveller says:

    Oh it looks like booklovers’ heaven! Your book on preserves and jam looks very interesting. Every year my husband plants some tomato bushes in Spring and by Summer we are totally overwhelmed by luscious tomatoes. Last year I made enough tomato sauce to last us for six months. We were sad when the last bottle was finished!

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      I’m hoping to make some chutneys for Christmas but it will have to be with shop bought fruit I’m afraid. I am trying my best to grow some tomatoes on the balcony but my cat keeps nibbling! You did amazingly well with your tomato sauce! Cath

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