A colourful visitor

This is a lovely white-throated kingfisher which landed opposite my kitchen window and posed for a short while (giving me a chance to run and get my camera!)

What  interesting birds or animals have you seen from your kitchen window?  Would love to hear.

Have a great weekend!




13 thoughts on “A colourful visitor

  1. georgiapdesigns says:

    Oh what a lovely bird and great photo too. We don’t get anything quite as ‘exotic’ as that although I did have a woodpecker on my bird feeder last year, the odd grey squirrel visits and I can usually see a magpie or 2 taking shelter under my arbour when it rains. We also had a visit last year from a hedgehog, I was shocked to see how fast it could move! Lx

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      I love the garden wildlife in England – it’s so varied and fun to watch. Woodpeckers are amazing and quite rare to see – you were honoured! Thanks for letting me know. Cath x

  2. Tracy Rhynas says:

    What a beautiful bird! We have some lovely bee-eaters which site on the wires outside my kitchen – but they are just too far away to get a good photo! If you have any other bird pictures, I would love to see them.

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      I had to really zoom in and crop the photo – it wasn’t miles away but I don’t have a super powerful zoom lens! I have got some more bird photos somewhere, from when I lived in the UAE, will have to dig them out! Thanks for letting me know about the bee-eaters, do they only eat bees? Have you attempted to feed them with anything?

    • Tracy Rhynas says:

      Despite the zooming and cropping, they are still lovely clear pictures. Bee-eaters do eat other flying insects, but predominantly it’s honey bees! I have never tried to feed them – I am too scared my cats may take advantage. (The local bird population is dwindling by the day I am afraid.) Your post actually prompted me to share one of my Kingfisher photos, taken in the Kruger Park in December – a beautiful Woodland Kingfisher – in my blog post today. 🙂

  3. Gallivanta says:

    How lovely! I love the blue on the kingfisher. Do you think it could see some of your shiny beads flashing like fish? 🙂 No birds here today but I am watching my caterpillars.

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