It’s lovely to receive a compliment!

I was thrilled (as always) when I had an order for some of my jewellery from my Etsy Shop from a lady in Christchurch, New Zealand blogger Gallivanta from Silkann Threades.  The order took an amazing 3 days to arrive from Singapore and the contents, as well as the packaging, was much appreciated by the recipient, as you can see from her wonderful post: Favourite things still come in brown paper packages.  Please take a look, it’s a special story.

One of the points made in my shop is that I urge customers to recycle as much of my wrapping as possible, which Gallivanta certainly has; take a look at her subsequent post: In thrift gear.

See my string holding the herbs?  Find another great use for the brown paper packaging when it’s turned into a home made freshener.

Such a wonderful compliment to my business!



5 thoughts on “It’s lovely to receive a compliment!

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Awww; I love the way you did that post. Thank you. And your latest listing on Etsy is so pretty with the blues and the little turtle charm. So tempting 🙂

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