New Business Cards!

When asked what I wanted for my birthday last month, I didn’t say ‘toiletries’ or ‘chocolates’; I asked for some business cards (although I did receive some Maltesers as well)!  I love the simplicity of the design and found these lovely card holders in Muji to keep them in.

The card holders were very reasonably priced and I thought they might be a professional looking way to send out more than a few cards for customers to pass on to their friends and family.  I have tied my cards with ribbon before now, with a swing tag saying ‘please pass on to your friends‘, which looks really pretty.  

I would love some ideas of how you politely ask customers to pass on the cards and also how you yourself carry your business cards.




14 thoughts on “New Business Cards!

  1. restlessjo says:

    Very smart! I don’t run a business but I print off a few cards to hand out to friends if the topic of the blog comes up and they’re interested. More difficult when you’re trying to make money, isn’t it? I should help more by sharing your jewellery related posts. Sorry- I will in future.

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