200 Posts and a Banana Bread

Yes, I’ve officially written 200 posts for my blog.  It sounds like I spend all my time on the computer, which is just not true!  Apart from making jewellery, looking after my family (and all the chores that go with that) I do have some time for baking and I thought I would celebrate with a cake recipe.  I make this cake almost every week for my kids (and hubby’s) lunchboxes as it’s easy to slice and freeze to include at the last minute (and helps keep everything cool for a while). 

I lost the photo’s I took last time I made one (that’s happening more and more these days – should I be worried?) so you will have to make do with the much prettier photo from Simply Recipes which comes with the recipe.  One note, I usually substitute vegetable oil for the butter and it works just as well!

banana bread

Have fun and thanks to everyone following me for keeping me energised to post.  Here’s to the next 200!



28 thoughts on “200 Posts and a Banana Bread

  1. Tracy Rhynas says:

    Congratulations on reaching 200 posts! I have printed out your banana bread recipe, and I think I will be trying it out this weekend 🙂 Whilst reading through the comments under the recipe, I saw someone say that cooking at high altitude affects baking…..so I Googled it….and Johannesburg at 5,751 ft is listed as a high altitude area in which adjustments should be made to baking recipes! I used to bake a lot of cakes in England (where we were at sea level), but have never had quite the same success here…now I know why! Atmospheric pressure!!

    • Tracy Rhynas says:

      Thanks! I was born and raised in northwest Norfolk on the East Anglian coast, until I was 22 – and then I came here. Just booked flights yesterday to go back for a visit in June – leave 3 weeks today, yay!

    • Tracy Rhynas says:

      I try to get back every year, every 2 at the most. My parents and brother are still there – we will actually be celebrating my Mum’s 70th during my visit this year. It is beautiful there – and it’s always nice to unwind from the city rush back to a country pace of life 🙂

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      That’s why I enjoy going back to Europe, both the UK and Portugal (where my house is). I went back to Yorkshire last October to celebrate my mum’s 70th too! Have a wonderful time and look forward to seeing some snaps from lovely Norfolk. BTW, have you ever watched Alan Partridge? One of my favourites!

    • Tracy Rhynas says:

      Thanks Cath! Norfolk is actually where I got the name for my shop from – it’s famous for its”big skies”. I shall be taking plenty of pictures, weather permitting! I haven’t been to Portugal yet, but it’s on my list – how fabulous to have a house there. We are going to Venice later this year for a few days, so looking forward to getting my culture dose there 🙂 And yes, I know Alan Partridge, hilarious! We actually get it here, we have a pretty good BBC Enterntainment channel.

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