Sewing fail

This post is a bit of experiment to see if I am mentally capable of writing and publishing a post from my Android tablet (I got it at Christmas so it’s only taken me 6 months to attempt this).  I’m hoping that I will be able to post from the tablet throughout my trip to Portugal in the summer when I find a wifi spot. Preferable to taking my laptop out with me I’m sure. Here goes;


I hope the photo appears larger than it's showing now!

This pretty sewing book caught my eye in the library and I just had to borrow it.  I had plenty of fabric at home and ideas of making Christmas presents whirled around my head.  Being in the library is like being in a craftshop; you see lots of materials for different projects and you enthusiastically pick them up and take them home, only to be wondering ten months later why you ever thought you had the time to embark on such a hobby!

Case in point.  This book has been adorning my coffee table for four weeks now (yes I even renewed it!) And, apart from flicking excitedly through the pages on that initial library trip, it has remained firmly unopened.  Oh well, looks like toiletries for Christmas presses again!

Have you got a book or hidden supplies of a craft you just haven’t gotten around to?


6 thoughts on “Sewing fail

  1. the eternal traveller says:

    Your post looks great. Well done! There is something I have learned after being a stitcher for 30 years. If a book title contains the words simple, fast or easy you can be sure it’s not quite truthful. It’s like those “Make a quilt in a weekend” books…lies, all lies!

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      That’s a great comment! And quite true. I actually flicked through the book before I returned it (feeling guilty I guess) and managed to photocopy the cross stitch patterns (to add to my growing collection of cross stitch patterns for some distant time in the future)!

      I will be warned off books containing that title from now on, good advice.. Have a great weekend!

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Oh I’m pleased. Haven’t had time to see what it looks like on a computer screen yet. Yes, this was definitely one project that actually happened! Thanks for your feedback.

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