Housebound with the haze

I can’t let the week end without mentioning the terrible weather we are experiencing in Singapore.  Well, it’s not exactly weather, it’s more the effects of a ‘natural’ disaster.  Forest fires are burning in Sumatra, Indonesia and tiny particles of ash are unfortunately blowing across to us (from about 500km away) and causing what’s commonly known here as ‘The Haze’.  It has been like this for around 4 days now and is worsening – it’s been on the ‘hazardous’ level since yesterday.

hazy view from my lounge

hazy view from my lounge

We are advised not to go outside nor have our windows open and people who do have to go outside are mostly wearing filter masks.  I had to go out to the Post Office this morning to send out an order (see how my customers come first!) and when I returned my nose and eyes were itching and I was starting to cough.  I’m not even able to take the dog out that we are looking after (he’s an old guy and we are worried about his lungs) so at the moment, me and my daughter (along with all the other school children who are on school break) are housebound!

out across the rooftops

out across the rooftops

It is actually a sunny day today, you can see the sun struggling to penetrate the haze.  Shame we can’t sit by the pool and tan!

the quiet streets

the quiet streets

The forest fires are said to be caused by Palm Oil Plantation Companies who are ‘slashing and burning’ the natural rainforests of Indonesia to enable them to grow Palm Trees for the palm oil industry.  Shame on them.  For more information, please visit the Palm Oil pages of the Rainforest Action Network to see how we can all reduce the use of Palm Oil in our daily lives and how this will protect more rainforests.



10 thoughts on “Housebound with the haze

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Thankfully it’s lifted this afternoon and we actually saw the sun (and went for a swim by the pool at long last). I just hope it doesn’t return with a vengeance.

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Thanks, I looked at my old ‘new’ format for a month before deciding to change it again – never satisfied! Let’s hope something can be done against these big firms destroying the earth. Burning thousand year old forests to plant new trees? It doesn’t make sense.

  1. utesmile says:

    It does not sound good, I heard it from another blogger in Singapore too. Stay safe indoors until you go to Europe! Actually I don’t know palm oil, I don’t really use it, apparently coconut oil is the best for cooking and the skin.

  2. Gallivanta says:

    It’s diabolical. Do take care. The costs of this sort of event are massive. I have become a coconut oil fan. Hopefully that is more environmentally friendly.

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Thankfully we are leaving to go to Europe on Monday night but what about the people unable to leave? Do you cook with it? We use coconut oil on our hair. Apparently it’s been proven to reverse signs of Alzheimers (when consumed, not as a hair aid)!

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