the Peranakan kitchen

Following on from my trip to the Peranakan Museum here are some photos of a typical Peranakan Kitchen.  I like the simplicity of the kitchen and I can see it being just as popular today (you just have to look at Pinterest to see the styles which are making a comeback).

peranakan kitchen


Peranakan kitchen



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11 thoughts on “the Peranakan kitchen

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Yes it is, and it’s reminiscent of the enamel ware that you find on barges isn’t it? I don’t know where that originated from for the Peranakans, maybe they just liked brightly coloured items!

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      It’s so pretty isn’t it? A lot of the Peranakan items are highly decorated in bright colours, I’ll be following up with a pottery post (when I get around to editing the photos!) which are my absolute favourite!

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