Cats of the World photo exhibition & bazaar

A few weeks ago I went along with my daughter to this photo exhibition in support of The Cat Welfare Society which runs from 1st to 29th August.

The Official Poster

The Official Poster

It’s being held at The Arts House in 1 Old Parliament Lane, a wonderful colonial structure that was the Old Singapore Parliament Building.

On each Saturday there is also a cat themed bazaar upstairs from the gallery.  I was pleased to see some fellow Etsy sellers there. Here are some of the stalls I photographed, unfortunately the light wasn’t ideal so the photos are rather odd colours!

Here’s a list of the some of the vendors I visited: whose retail shop is Cat Socrates – see my post on this great shop! – 100% Natural Bodycare Products – they smell divine.

Oatsie’s Handmade Pet Shaped Cushions (although their Etsy shop is currently empty – I guess they are taking the cats along with them to the Fairs)!

Stuff Susie Made – sweet crocheted Amigurumi animals

Dulcetfig – a vintage & handmade shop down Haji Lane

Sorry I can’t mention everyone.  You still have time to catch the last fair this Saturday, from 11am to 6pm although the exhibition is open longer.  Thanks for listening!


12 thoughts on “Cats of the World photo exhibition & bazaar

    • Tracy Rhynas says:

      I have four cats!! Tigger, Squeaky, Disco-cat and Nibbles. I love the quirky characters of cats, and they keep me endlessly amused. How does your cat get along with having boarders? I shall look forward to your pics 🙂

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Great names! I’m particularly interested in how Disco-cat looks and got his/her name. Hazel gets along with only a few of our guests and the rest, well, I have to keep her separate from them. I’ve been involved in a few cat fights shall we say!

    • Tracy Rhynas says:

      Disco-cat is white with beautiful black and grey markings on her head and down her back, but on her white chest is a random almost perfect circle / disc of the black and grey markings. So from disc, came Disco, which then became Disco-cat which sounded far more important! Squeaky got her name from her miaow, she sounds like a rusty gate that needs oiling.

      Cats just aren’t like dogs are they, they just don’t really like socialising all that much! I think that is because they all think they are the centre of our universe 🙂

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      It’s just getting going as it happens, which I’m pleased about. There are more events happening now than when I first arrived 4 years ago. We just need the general Singapore public to be more interested and aware of ‘handcrafted’.

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