Baby Hedgehog

I just wanted to share with you some photos my dad sent from England yesterday of a baby hedgehog they found wandering around their garden.  So sweet, I love hedgehogs!



28 thoughts on “Baby Hedgehog

    • utesmile says:

      Never seen one here. The only thing we have is foxes, urban foxes and cats, I did see a jay once. oh and squirrels as I have the right trees for them linign the roads.
      I live in East London, near the Olymic site. It has become nicer because of the Olympics last year, they did a lot of repairs to houses and streets, it really benefitted us.

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Glad your area got a ‘facelift’, did you get bothered by crowds of people at all? Everytime I go back to England I see an urban fox, I know they are supposed to be pests but there is something quite magical about seeing one. We have lots of squirrels here in Singapore, so fun to watch jumping from tree to tree!

    • utesmile says:

      Funny you ask, everyone was worried about crowds and parking, as we had parking permits for that time. I always said wait and see…. and it was ever so quiet, more places to park , I loved it. People went different ways.

    • utesmile says:

      No not really, I am still waiting for the park to be opened for the public as they promised us that.I am sure it will eventually! They have used the park for some events but all for tickets only and expensive. Patience I say!

  1. Gallivanta says:

    So cute, especially your mother talking to it :). I love hearing and seeing the hedgehogs that snuffle about my place in the summer. We are not supposed to be friendly with them here because they are a menace to native wildlife but I can’t help myself. If the little one comes out again in daylight it may be a sign it is unwell.This was a fascinating hedgehog rescue recorded by another blogger in New Zealand

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