fence envy

I just had to share with you a fence I spotted whilst out walking this weekend.  It’s made from used railway sleepers and steel fence posts and looks fab.  I’ve added it to my Pinterest Board ‘for my Portuguese Garden’ as I want to recreate a similar look there (and this board is for all the projects my husband is going to undertake one day)!

fence made of railway sleepers

the sealing wax palm looks great against it

fence made of railway sleepers

it would be great to grow ferns and moss on

gate made of railway sleepers

even a gate is made from them

fence made of railway sleepers

I don’t usually photograph through people’s fences!

I hope you like this fence too – it must be one of the strongest barriers I have seen protecting a house!  I may have to start a new board on fencing now ….


3 thoughts on “fence envy

  1. Gallivanta says:

    That would be a good fence for my place too; especially the gate. Does your husband know he has a ‘one day’ board on your Pinterest? 😀 The textures and grain on the sleepers are gorgeous, aren’t they?

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Yes they are, it’s almost a living fence in itself, home I expect, to plenty of microscopic creatures. He knows about the board but not the extent of projects planned! No doubt he’ll be looking at it today when he’s seen the post! Better make a delicious dinner tonight ….. You are right about the fence being perfect for you. You could fasten your new mailbox onto it too.

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