an anklet-a-day week : day five : blue ocean

Finally it’s day five of my anklet-a-day week.  Thank you for staying with me on this!  I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of making, photographing (and editing), listing and posting the anklets.

 Technically this anklet isn’t a newly made one but it’s one of my favourites: blue ocean.  It may not have won the Mykonos Blue Design Challenge but that doesn’t make it any less appreciated.

Sorry this item is no longer available in Lizzie Rose.

I love the vibrant beads on this anklet as they are all different shapes and types of glass – with tiny details on them.  This one is now back for sale in the Lizzie Rose Jewelry shop after its’ near brush with fame!

The girl in the photo is Lizzie Rose, my daughter, and our dog Spot on the shores of an empty beach in Sharjah, a good few years ago.

If you missed the previous anklets, take a look at them here: Ice ForestWoodland GladeFire Berries and Evening Luxe.

Thanks again for sharing my ‘anklet-a-day’ week.  Have a great weekend all!


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