blogging pals meet up

At the end of August I met up with a blogging friend of mine, Carol from The Eternal Traveller blog who happened to be passing through Singapore on her way from Australia (where she lives) to Europe with her hubby for a multi-city holiday.

No, that’s not Carol’s husband in the middle!  It’s Justin Beaver, who travels with Carol everywhere she goes.  He’s from the Bavarian Alps and here’s a little descriptive poem taken from his blog The Adventures of Justin Beaver:

I am a singing beaver.
Justin is my name.
I have travelled near and far.
That’s my claim to fame.
Adventure is my passion.
My sweet tooth is renowned.
I’ll take up any challenge.
My tales will astound.

Carol is a valued customer of Lizzie Rose Jewellery (she was bought a gift certificate by her lovely daughters for Mother’s Day) and she asked me to custom make a bracelet for her to pick up as she passed through. Here’s what I made for her.


Check out Carol’s blog for her travel adventures in Australia and beyond! Lovely to meet you all.  And thanks for the beer!


12 thoughts on “blogging pals meet up

  1. the eternal traveller says:

    It was very special to meet you too Cath. I love both my bracelets and have received some nice compliments when I’ve been wearing them. Justin Beaver had a great time in Singapore and will be writing about it all soon.

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