bead shopping (again)


no, this is not a sweet shop

Yesterday I spent the morning (and well into the afternoon) at the bead shops! 

pick n mix

There was just too much choice in this shop (it’s a new one I found) but the beads look a bit cheap and nasty (yes, I admit it, I’m a bead snob)!  AND I nearly got into trouble for taking photos again – I was hiding behind a rack but got spotted…

So I went to my usual shop and found some lovely glass pearls.  Glass is one the mediums I love to work with, and I love being able to have the shiny luxurious look of these beads in my jewellery.

On the way back from the bus stop there is a lovely green space near our apartment building and the sun was shining though the canopy.  I had to stop and take some pics (even though I had three shopping bags over my shoulders)!

Don’t be expecting me to have made anything yet.  I have been listing my second hand items on Ebay today – it’s so time consuming!  Although I have arranged my new beads nicely into their new homes.  I will get back to the business of jewellery making tomorrow (promise)!



20 thoughts on “bead shopping (again)

  1. craftykittycat says:

    The glass pearls are so pretty! Looking forward to seeing your creations from them.

    I still need to find a good local bead shop – currently buying online / ebay, but the beads never seem to be as nice as they look online!

  2. the eternal traveller says:

    It’s easy to tell that the beads in that shop weren’t up to par, they look inferior to the gorgeous ones you use Cath. I was just talking to my sister and she said her new jewellery is so lovely and she is thrilled with it all. She hasn’t emailed you yet because she’s been home with a very unwell son but I’m sure you’ll hear from her soon.

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that, hope he is on the mend soon. I’m glad she loves the bracelets and thanks for your appreciation of the beads I use in my jewellery. I try my best!

  3. Tracy Rhynas says:

    A day’s bead shopping – heaven! It is good to be a bead snob, the quality of your materials is clearly apparent in your pieces – who wants something that looks cheap and nasty, when they can have luxurious and classy??

  4. Gallivanta says:

    That’s a lovely refreshing green spot near your home. I don’t buy beads but that doesn’t stop me from looking longingly at all the beads in bead shops. The assistants must hate me, the eternal gazer.

  5. go2net says:

    Oh I would love to go bead shopping with you! But we are not officially done unpacking, and my beads are close to the bottom of the priority list. I also gave away most of these and need to re-stock, maybe go to Michael’s or do it online thru Shipwreck Beads, cause my husband refuses to take me to the world’s biggest bead store 🙂

    • go2net says:

      Yep, he’s afraid I won’t come out for days 😀 I bought as many African beads as I could (melted glass, bronze, bone) and some from the Philippines (wood, shells) but everything else can be bought from Shipwreck, sometimes at even cheaper prices. Plus I don’t have to worry about baggage limits, LOL. P.S. I love your season themed designs!

  6. KerryCan says:

    Isn’t it funny how we become snobs, once we know a lot about something?! Of course, you’re a bead snob–you’ve handled so many! Me, I’m a chocolate snob. 😉

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