weekend wanderings : garden centre

What did you do this weekend?  We visited the local garden centre to gain some ideas for tropical water gardens (future project) and had some pomegranates brought out from Portugal (from a roadside tree no less) so were enjoying the seeds on everything!




19 thoughts on “weekend wanderings : garden centre

  1. Ursula Fletcher says:

    Garden centres are one of my fave places ! probs the biggest thing I miss from living in uk is doing my garden, used to love doing my pots and hanging baskets in the spring.. What have you grown successfully in SG Cath ? I should give it a try now I have a garden, although every time I go out in the garden I get bitten to death from mosquitoes !

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      Oh dear, Mozzies are always a problem in Asia aren’t they? I have successfully grown cherry tomatoes and basil here (veg wise), but not much else, so I’ve given up (although I’ve got some tomatoes on the go now). It’s mostly palms and ferns on my balcony now. I miss my garden too, used to grow allsorts!

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