spooky dolls

I was saving this post until today, it being Halloween and all.  These dolls are not supposed to be haunting, I don’t think, but they spooked me out!  They are from an exhibition by multi-label store Inhabit, each doll is dressed by a fashion label from the store and they will be eventually auctioned off to raise money for charity. 

The exhibition was outside the Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road. The dolls reminded me of when I used to make outfits for my dolls as a child, out of scraps of material.  Did you do the same?


11 thoughts on “spooky dolls

    • lizzierosejewellery says:

      I’m glad we had the same experiences whilst growing up! I wonder what our girls will remember from theirs: Bratz and Barbies? At least my dolls didn’t have eyes like these ones!

  1. Gallivanta says:

    It’s a great idea but, yes, some of them do look a bit spooky/haunting. I loved making clothes for my dolls. I also made paper dolls and designed paper clothes for them. It was such fun.

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