(trying to get) back in the swing of it!

Gosh, it’s really hard to start moving again now the Christmas and New Year festivities are well and truly over.  Maybe it’s because I’m another year older, but I don’t want to use that as an excuse!

Nilla - short for Vanilla!

Nilla – short for Vanilla!

I have picked up my exercise regime again, speed walking most evenings, and am currently looking after another doggy guest, shown right.

She doesn’t need a speed walk, so I gently walk her around the neighbourhood, enjoying the greenery.

If you look at my Instagram link – you will see a beautiful lizard I snapped whilst out this morning – that’s what I love about Singapore, seeing life in the undergrowth, right on your doorstep!

I took the photos with my new camera (in my new smartphone; Christmas pressie) which I have been practising with and I am happy to say they seem to be coming out well.

The next job for me is to tidy my desk (…why do I always seem to be saying that?) and reorganise my jewellery stock into some sort of order after my pre-Christmas stall.  I packed the stall away rather haphazardly to say the least.  These pretty boxes from Bali should help.

They are woven from a leaf, possibly a palm leaf and painted intricately.  I love buying local handicrafts from the area in which I stay.

Best go now, need to make a start on that desk!  And I hope your New Year’s energy levels are higher than mine!


27 thoughts on “(trying to get) back in the swing of it!

  1. utesmile says:

    Yes back into the routine, back to the gym… on Thursday for me… it is good to have routine in life, and that is during work time really, in hte holidays nothing matters so much, which is nice and relaxing too! Nice to see you back!

  2. Ursula Fletcher says:

    Happy New Year !!! Missed your blog and lovely photos Cath glad your back !!! The boys bracelets fit and they really pleased with them, they look lovely 🙂

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