balcony update

It’s been nearly a year since I last posted about our balcony.  Plants have come and gone, it’s been re-arranged several times (in as much as we can on such a small strip)!  But the colour scheme is still mainly green, green and green. Don’t get me wrong I love foliage, but it would be nice to have something to break it up.

balcony Feb '14

So I thought I would post about a splash of colour which appeared recently, aka my Adenium obesum or Desert Rose.  I always thought this was a Frangipani (Plumeria) but had a nagging doubt that it wasn’t, so when I googled it of course, I found out it was a Desert Rose! Sounds very romantic…

The flowering has lasted for nearly two weeks, normally they drop off after a few days. Now I’ve discovered this is a desert plant, I am putting this down to the unusually dry weather we are experiencing in Singapore (it has not rained for around a month now) so it is obviously happier for it, unlike our tropical plants.

Another source of colour came from a long-awaited tomato which I seemed to plant ages ago, well, last year anyway.  Finally a fruit has appeared and as you can see from the second photo, it’s joined by another one.  I am going to pick the tomato later and eat it straight from the vine.  Back to another all green plant then!

Was it worth the effort for one or two tomatoes?  I’ll tell you when I’ve eaten it!  Have a great weekend, whether you are gardening or not.


21 thoughts on “balcony update

  1. ChopinandMysaucepan says:

    Dear Cath,

    That’s a beautiful balcony. Sometimes, the joy of seeing beautiful plants grow is almost as good as the fruits itself. I think it’s definitely worth it even before you pop that tomato into your mouth.

  2. georgiapdesigns says:

    I’m sure you will get a lot more tomatoes, I can see the flowers, patience Cath! Your balcony is looking lovely, very tropical and love the small splash of colour. If you can’t get many flowers to grow, you could do what my gran used to do and cheat, buy imitation, lol! Have a great weekend. Lindax

  3. anyone4curryandotherthings says:

    Cath, you are right, of course. A frangipani it aint! 🙂 but a lovely colour splash. May I offer a tip from my english garden, which will work on your balcony in S. as well. Find a nice largish plastic container, hang this on the top of your railing, plant with low-growing plants (can you get Petunias, etc. out there?) and 2 ! plants of hanging babytomatoes. They just love to grow between the flowers and look so pretty trailing down your pot/railing and should taste delishes, have a one-woman-party and eat them straight from the vine later. Let me know if this works for you – it should, really – just water!!! Good luck, Carina (in South India) 🙂

    • Cath at Lizzie Rose Jewellery says:

      Thanks Carina, that sounds a lovely idea! I definitely like the sound of growing flowers and tomatoes together. I think I have seen Petunias here. I ate my tomato already – it was warm and juicy – well worth growing it just for that! I’m glad my hubby is away on business otherwise there could have been a dispute on who ate it!

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