a rose exhibition at Gardens by the Bay

The Flower Dome & Supertrees

The Flower Dome & Supertrees

We managed to catch the recent display ‘War of the Roses’ at Gardens by the Bay.  I have to say it was a little disappointing, with more foliage than flowers, dead heads and browning petals… I felt rather guilty as I had talked it up to my husband and we were expecting a feast for the senses (as promised on the website).  Here are the few snaps I got of the better roses:

At least we still got to see the other awesome plants in the Flower Dome – the palms, succulents, cacti and more!

looking out towards Marina Bay Sands

looking out towards Marina Bay Sands

For more about those Supertrees, please click here.  They are definitely worth seeing, especially at night!  More on that to come…

And don’t forget to take a look at the wooden statues in the adjoining greenhouse, the Cloud Forest.

There’s a Tulip exhibition coming at the end of April but I’ve been put off going because of the lack of flowers at this display.  Isn’t it a shame there were no gardeners around to snip off a few dead heads?  My husband would have been more than willing to wield some secateurs!


16 thoughts on “a rose exhibition at Gardens by the Bay

  1. Ursula Fletcher says:

    I must say I was very disappointed with Gardens by the bay it just felt far too manufactured for my liking, it doesn’t come close to the Botanic Gardens.x

  2. KerryCan says:

    Your photos definitely make the best of what was there! Isn’t it funny how we all want to pluck deadheads and tidy up in someone else’s garden?!

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