my turtles got a sun tan

turquoise turtles

They’ve been out in the sun because they have gotten darker!  Well, at least my latest batch of turtles have.  They are much darker and richer than the previous lot.  I love the look of them in this ‘chain’, it reminds me of baby turtles waddling to the sea.

turtles swimming

I got carried away photographing them, it took me back to my childhood, having them in different poses!  Oh well, it’s good to switch off for a while, especially on a Friday.

solitary turtle

Back to adulthood….. I really use these turtles to make simple earrings which compliment my beach themed anklets and bracelets nicely and with a bit of fun.  You can choose to have them made with either silver or gold earring wires.

Oh, and if you didn’t already know it – there’s 30% off all my jewellery for April!

Thank you for indulging my childish musings – Happy Friday!



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