blue monday

I’m never blue on a Monday,  I just liked the title!  I am always enthusiastically up and ready for the week and tend to burn myself out by late afternoon, ready for an early night!  How about you? Do you enjoy Mondays?

Featuring some ‘Blue’ jewellery by Lizzie Rose.




14 thoughts on “blue monday

    • Cath at Lizzie Rose Jewellery says:

      Thanks, a lot of people do love blue, especially in jewellery. I used to wear a lot of pale blue but now I love the royal blues that are around at the moment. Note to self; Must make more with my deep Turkish blue beads 🙂

  1. Coral Cottage Kim says:

    Monday’s don’t seem any different now that I work from home – I used to dread them. I love early morning, alone and quiet. I’m early to bed and early to rise. I’ve missed your blog, but it won’t happen again. xo Kim

    • Cath at Lizzie Rose Jewellery says:

      Don’t worry, I’ve been quiet as I’m actually in the process of moving to Portugal (finally next week) so blogging has taken a back seat. Had some time tonight to read some posts and have really enjoyed your photos and stories!

    • Cath at Lizzie Rose Jewellery says:

      HaHa! Don’t you still feel that it’s the beginning of the week though? I do, even though I am at home every day of the week. Thanks for your compliment, how’s the chocolate selling? Do you deliver to Portugal at all for when I move there next week? (wishful thinking) 🙂

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