last chance to eat…

Realizing we are completely spoilt with the choice of cuisines in Singapore, and knowing that we won’t be able to experience it as easily in Southern Portugal, we decided to have a cuisine week for our last week here.  We’ve already had a Cantonese & a Thai meal but at the weekend we decided to try Indian food, one of our favorites.

The Banana Leaf Apolo is an Indian restaurant on Race Course Road in Little India which we have been hearing and reading about for the past 5 years.  We finally found this gem in our last week here. Typical.

Your plate is covered with a fresh cut banana leaf, hence the name.  Orders can be made traditionally with a menu or via a tablet, which I got frustrated with almost immediately.

The food was absolutely wonderful, why didn’t we discover it sooner?

A close up of our Fish Tikka, Dahl Makhni, Paneer Tikka & Naan (we had a butter chicken in there somewhere too)!

Look out for this entrance if you are in the area (and don’t pass it by)!

If you were leaving your town, which restaurant would you miss the most?  Do it a favour and recommend it here!


15 thoughts on “last chance to eat…

  1. knitnrun4sanity says:

    It’s a shame that you have on,y just found it but at least you did! We don’t eat out that much…probably because the boys can be a bit of a pain and therefore make the experience rather stressful!

  2. Coral Cottage Kim says:

    What a great looking meal. I took an Indian cooking class two years ago, that was a lot of fun. I too enjoy trying different cuisines from around the world. Thai is one of my favorite. We do not eat out very much, because it is a long drive into town and I love to cook. Having said that I have two favorite places – Thai food at The Lime Leaf in Charlottesville, VA, and German food at The Bavarian Chef in Madison, Virginia – very different styles but love them both. I hope you will share your next food adventures at your new home.

  3. the eternal traveller says:

    That all looks delicious. We had dinner at a great Turkish restaurant, somewhere on Orchard Road, in a shopping centre, up on the third floor. It was very good too. I wonder what else you’ll miss about Singapore.

  4. Stefanie ~ Jewels For All says:

    I’ve missed my favorite pizza place, Oregano’s, some we moved away from Phoenix, Arizona. Now I’m missing my favorite sushi place, Tachi, since we left California! That does look like some good Indian food. 🙂

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