my new view

Well, I have been in Portugal for three weeks exactly and I still haven’t changed the time on my mobile devices and computer.  When my husband asks me the time, which he frequently does on waking,  I have to tell him to deduct 7 hours off what I tell him as it’s still on Singapore time!  To say we have been busy getting things organised after our move is an understatement.

Now it’s time to get back on track.  I am working from my bedroom at the moment (which is bright and sunny compared to my dark space in Singapore) so I am quite happy until a dedicated workroom can be found, probably when we empty the garage which could take months looking at it now!

As my desk area is not yet organised I am not going to post a photo of it but instead am posting some photos of my view which is from the balcony off my bedroom.  Some lovely countryside (with my garden in the foreground) and the blue Atlantic Ocean in the distance, how inspiring for me to make my beach themed jewellery!




10 thoughts on “my new view

    • Cath at Lizzie Rose Jewellery says:

      We are getting there slowly, you don’t realise after five years away how much there is to do! Fortunately it was a new house when we moved in in 2006 so it’s in good shape. Of course we’ve been back for holidays every year too. My problem is when we left, my kids were younger and now they have returned as teenagers and are wanting to throw away all their toys. So sad 😦

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