Door Art

I’ve just been reminded by WordPress that I’ve had my blog for 3 years today!  It really doesn’t feel like so much time has passed (and a lot has happened within that time)!  So I thought I had better write a blog post as I have been somewhat lazy recently. 

These are some photos of the wonderful ironwork around a keyhole on the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Graca in the Fortaleza de Sagres which we visited last weekend.  The Fort is where Henry the Navigator planned his sea voyage expeditions in the 15th century.  (For more info and photos please click here).

The salty air has rusted the ironwork.


See the Portuguese Cross on the top of a crown?


The key hole is no longer there…

Images of the Chapel

The Chapel and Fort rest upon the high cliffs of Western Portugal – it was a rough day!



6 thoughts on “Door Art

  1. KerryCan says:

    Happy 3rd “birthday”–very impressive! I like the photos a lot–isn’t it amazing that the sea and salt air can wreak such havoc on iron?! But in some ways, it may be more beautiful now.

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